Thursday, January 14, 2010

Health Warning: Poverty Causes Cancer

Across the US, death rates among black women diagnosed with breast cancer are 37 per cent higher than for whites, but in Chicago the difference is an astonishing 68 per cent .

According to a collaboration between sociologists and biologists, the strain of living in some of the toughest neighbourhoods in the US may cause biological changes that lead directly to earlier deaths.Results from the collaboration indicate that social isolation and a fear of crime cause an overload of stress hormones that can change cell biology, sending tumours into overdrive.There are already hints that stress and social deprivation could have similar effects on diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

"We're showing that your social environment can affect your health directly"

This insidious influence is felt most by Chicago's African American women, who are far more likely to live in the city's deprived areas than their white counterparts.

The women of the South Side urgently need a message of hope . But turning hope into improved health outcomes for disadvantaged populations across the US may require political action at the highest level says the New Scientist .

SOYMB says that it has to be the establishment of socialism .


ajohnstone said...

Patients from deprived areas in England are more likely to have a late cancer diagnosis and be admitted to hospital as an emergency.Patients from deprived areas were also less likely to undergo key procedures for rectal, breast and lung cancer.

aberfoyle said...

Yes where i am the past labour government introduced mobile health units,that screened at no expense for breast and other forms of cancer,also a major advertising campain,it did cost the tax payer yet saved lives and further down the road medical expense to the state.Sadly uncle sams health system like their social system is third world.