Tuesday, February 03, 2015

A Warning From History (WEEKLY POEM)

A Warning From History

(70th Anniversary of the Holocaust
& Closure of Auschwitz)

The Auschwitz Concentration Camp,
proclaimed for all to see;
“Arbeit Macht Frei”- which to translate,
means that, “Work makes you free”.

This maxim was hung proudly high,
above the Camp’s main gate;
And gave no hint or notice of
 each prisoner’s vile fate.

At the Camp at Guantanamo,
it says they’re, “Honour Bound
To Defend Freedom”, even though,
that statement may dumbfound.

The waterboarding torture deeds,
are a depravity;
And a Gestapo-like attack,
upon humanity.

The above Gothic font known as Walbaum Fractur was typical
of the ‘Germanic’ type fonts favoured by Bismarck and was officially
used by the Nazis until 1941 when Hitler declared them to be
‘Jewish’ and decreed that the more modern Antiqua font be used.

© Richard Layton

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