Sunday, February 08, 2015

Breadline Britain

Twenty million people in the UK are living in poverty according to a study highlighted in a new book, ‘Breadline Britain’. It reveals that poverty has doubled since 1983 – and is set to get worse over the next five years. The study authors, economist Stewart Lansley and adademic Joanna Mack, carried out the largest ever survey of poverty in the UK.

One in three Britons is below an internationally accepted minimum living standard devised by the authors.
Three and a half million adults go hungry so they can feed their children.
One in five children is in a house that is cold and damp. And one in ten lacks warm clothes.
21% of people are living in debt and a third of people are unable to save any money at all.

Meanwhile average wages have fallen over the same period. Half of those in poverty are in employment. Of those, 39% are working full-time and 13% are in part-time employment.

Only 12% of people living in poverty are unemployed, while 11% are sick or disabled.

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