Wednesday, December 08, 2021

The price of US Weaponry


Stephen Miles, executive director of Win Without War, pointed out that, "Little could be more revealing of our nation's broken budget priorities," Miles added, "than the fact that this rubberstamp of three-quarters of a trillion dollars for warmaking was prioritized and will soon pass with bipartisan support, while the Build Back Better Act—which would invest in meeting real human needs—has been watered down and pushed to the back burner."

He said, the $778 billion National Defense Authorization Act as "a reckless misuse of resources, a windfall for war profiteers, and proof positive that most in Congress have little concern for the actual security of people in the United States or around the world."

The House-passed NDAA includes $25 billion more in spending than President Joe Biden requested in his budget blueprint earlier this year. That extra $25 billion is the exact sum researchers say is needed to produce enough coronavirus vaccines to achieve widespread global inoculation and end the pandemic.

Or it could have went to the federal government's roughly $22.5 billion to fund 12 weeks of paid family leave for a year.

'Reckless Misuse of Resources': House Approves $778 Billion Military Budget (

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