Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Nordic "Socialism"

 For the likes of liberal progressives such as Bernie Sanders, the welfare state of "Scandinavian socialism" is frequently lauded as the aspiration of the American left-wing. 

In  2018 the richest 10 percent of Norwegians own 60 percent of the country’s wealth. 

The top 1 percent controls 21 percent of total wealth.

Statistics Norway researcher Rolf Aaberge describes the inequality figure as underestimated. 

According to Aaberge’s estimates, the top 1 percent of income earners take home 20 percent of all income. The richest 0.01 percent earn 6 percent of total income. (income and wealth are not the same.)

Despite socialised healthcare, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health noted the gulf between the life expectancy of the richest and poorest in society.

 In Oslo, life expectancy varies by up to eight years between rich and poor neighbourhoods.

Life expectancy for those with the highest education levels is five or six years more than for people with the lowest level of education.

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