Monday, December 13, 2021

SPC's Imagine

 The 2021 Winter issue of the Socialist Party of Canada's journal, Imagine, is now out. 

You can access the electronic version by following this link.

Of particular interest is the article by Comrade L. Gambone of Vancouver Island (pp. 3–5), who argues that nowadays the Indigenous and Ecological movements, by ‘directly challenging capital over questions of ownership and control,’ wage ‘a much higher stage of class struggle’ than the business unions, which have agreed to stick to matters like wages and working conditions.

On page 9 there is also a poem, originally published in 1909 in The Western Clarion, by Wilfrid Gribble, a member of the Socialist Party of Canada who crossed the border to Detroit and in 1916 helped to found the Workers’ Socialist Party of the United States (forerunner of today’s World Socialist Party of the United States).

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