Thursday, January 03, 2019

M.C. H. New page in Blog

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A Brief Sketch of the Materialist Conception of History 

 In opposition to the conventional notion that the present form of society has always existed, the Socialist points out that it has existed for not more than a few centuries, and was preceded by other forms of society. In point of fact, the life history of the human race is made up of a series of fundamental changes in social relations.The pages below sketch this out in some more detail.


ajohnstone said...

That is an impressive figure on visits to this link. Well done.

Unknown said...

This is the best description of Historical Materialism I have ever found! Judging by some of the language and references used I would suppose that this was published in its original form sometime in the 1920's, am I right in that assumption?

ajohnstone said...

Well deduced - 1924, by Robert Reynolds