Sunday, January 27, 2019


The scale of ignorance about the Holocaust has shocked experts.

One in 20 British adults does not believe the Holocaust happened, and 8% say that the scale of the genocide has been exaggerated, according to a poll marking Holocaust Memorial Day.

Almost half of those questioned said they did not know how many Jews were murdered in Nazi death camps, and one in five grossly underestimated the number, saying that fewer than two million were killed. At least six million Jews died.
A survey carried out in seven European countries in November found that one in three people knew little or nothing about the Holocaust, and an average of 5% said they had never heard of it. 
In France, 20% of those aged 18-34 said they had never heard of the Holocaust.
In Austria, the figure was 12%. 
A survey in the US last year found that 9% of millennials said they had not heard, or did not think they had heard, of the Holocaust.

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