Tuesday, January 22, 2019


(“What A Brexshit” – Bild newspaper headline
on the loss of the Brexit Vote by 202 to 432.)

Achtung! Ze Brexit Vote's kaput!
Es ist right-up ze duff;
Despite all of the 'Brexit-tears',
It's run right out of puff!
The cake, that we would all scoff-down,
Is now a worthless crumb;
You can't fool people all the time,
Though some are always dumb!

Of course 'the cake' was never there,
Right from the very start;
The BoJo and the Rees-Mogg claims,
Were each a windy fart.
Now all that MP's have to do,
Is heed the public's plea;
The Single Market? Norway Plus?
So easy to agree!
                  Remember them?

The Customs Union? Switzerland's
Own deal with the EU?
The Irish Backstop? Schengen, yes?
It can't be hard to do!
In fact, it should be, as was claimed,
To quote, “A piece of cake”;
Whose recipe turned out to be,
The burnt side of opaque!

© Richard Layton

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