Monday, January 28, 2019

Cuba Invades Venezuela with Doctors

US National Security Adviser John Bolton, has a reputation for war mongering, tweeted "Cuba’s support and control over Maduro’s security and paramilitary forces are well known. Indeed Cuba has been a long-time ally of Chavez and then Maduro. Cuba recently "invaded" Venezuela with 2,000 Cuban doctors who left Brazil when Bolsonaro expelled these health-workers.Venezuela has two presidents and two assemblies. Discussions of who will emerge victorious in the battle for the presidency remain largely academic for many Venezuelans struggling to get by.  Felipe Muñoz, the Colombian government’s border tsar, explained “You ask anyone here, they’ll tell you that all they care about is feeding their families.”
Analysts see no end in sight to the misery. “I see it getting worse before it gets better,” said Trisha Brury, the International Rescue Committee’s deputy director for Colombia. “The only good thing to come out of the chaos in Caracas is that more attention is being brought to this humanitarian crisis.”

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