Tuesday, January 29, 2019



The Government's paid out £1m to 33 Cypriots who claim they
were tortured during colonial rule 60 years ago. F.O. Minister,
Sir Alan Duncan claimed it was not an “admission of liability”.

Those beastly, rotten foreigners,
Us decent British chaps;
How can they monetise what was,
A momentary lapse?
We British play by all the rules,
When we're abroad to fight,
Our Tommies had a few bad eggs,
But the effect was slight.
Yes, sleight of hand, that's what is was,
Our Government denied;
It was official policy,
To torture and then hide,
All of the evidence at hand,
To cover up each wrong;
So that in gentle Albion,
There wouldn’t be a pong,
That smelt of base hypocrisy,
Within Westminster’s walls;
With its genteel M.P’s and their,
Most Honourable rules,
Upholding our ‘democracy’,
Yes, every single scrote;
Who covered up the torture, so,
That they could ‘earn’ our vote.

© Richard Layton

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