Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Silencing the Observers in Palestine

Netanyahu on Monday said he close down the Temporary International Presence in Hebron (TIPH), accusing it of bias.

"We will not allow the continued presence of an international force that acts against us"
TIPH was established in in the 1990s in response to deadly violence against Palestinians. TIPH was created to assist in "monitoring and reporting efforts to maintain normal life in the city of Hebron, thus creating a sense of security among the Palestinians in Hebron."  The unarmed, civilian mission comprises 64 observers. Its member countries are Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey, along with Israeli and Palestinian authorities.
Israeli officials have accused some of the mission's members of failing to exercise neutrality. Last month, Israeli newspaper Haaretz said a confidential TIPH report showed Israel "regularly breaks international law in Hebron."


An eye opener said...

Haaretz twisted language, especially on racism: slaps it on cultural divisions or on safety but not on Arab Muslim racist attacks

The "competetive" tantrum trend among hard Israeli left to utter the "racisn" terminology has been for some time.

They are ever so loud on isolated cases of violent attacks against Arabs which we all condemn, of course.

Yet, they are silent on every weekly attacks by racist Arabs targeting Jewish civilians (at times travelling for miles far away from own Arab town...). Of course it's Arab Muslim terrorism but it's also anti-Jewish ethnic racism and religious bigotry. 

Yet, will term any Israeli security measure as "racist." As if it's "not" saving lives, what it is really about.

Will minimize Arab Islamic Palestinian use of its own population as human shields (at least since 1980 by Arafat), and Israeli attempts to evacuate before an anti terror operation. 

Will maximize exaggerate any claim of abuse.

Incidentally, with all the heavily funded anti Israel groups in Israel. why isn't there any peace movement on the Arab Palestinian side, Hamas' Gaza or Fatah's Ramallah? 

If one specific community wants to keep its unique education, they immediately cry "racism".

They are silent on every Israeli court case that favors Arab vs Jew. But ever so loud on any partial-discriminatory incident. Despite the fact, it is rather ultra-orthodox who feel most all out discriminated against, mainly prompted by anti Religious hatred campaign by hard left like Haaretz.

These supposed "peaceninks", these same hypocrites, incite against, demonize Haredi ultra Orthodox conscientious objectors who refuse to serve in IDF draft in Israeli army.

Haaretz and the like, are not just biased. But hate mongers.

ajohnstone said...

It is a pity that you have such a biased partisan view of the Israeli-Palestinian situation that even moderate Zionists are criticized.

Perhaps, i can recommend our pamphlet for you


But somehow i doubt you will be sympathetic to its viewpoint.