Thursday, January 24, 2019

A silver lining in these storm clouds

Climate change is in the process of turning our world into a dystopian nightmare. Despite capitalism playing a huge role in the problem, companies remain committed to the system and are already planning on how to profit off our misery.

Pharmaceutical giant Merck is planning on an expanding market for cures to “tropical and weather related diseases including waterborne illness.” Home Depot is looking forward to selling more air conditioners thanks to more intense heat waves. But the opportunities don’t stop there.

 Honda’s generators can serve customers as independent sources of power. The Katrina disaster was followed by a 27% increase in unit sales of generators. The company has invested $236 million in R&D for its “power product business.” Hurricane Maria is another prime example where generators were needed post-storm, showing the business model could be a strong one.

Nissan’s electric vehicles have on board battery capacity to light up one average house in Japan for 2 days with an advanced power supply system. In case of natural disasters or blackout periods, prompt disaster recovery is crucial. We see EV batteries along with vehicle to home/building energy supply system as playing a key role in the restoration of electrical power. We expect a growth in demand for disaster risk reduction systems, and this creates additional benefits to the ownership of EVs.

United Airlines is also thinking of you: “Climate change may result in an increase in temperature extremes across regions. This could lead to an increased demand for travel as customers in affected regions seek to spend their leisure time in more temperate climates.”

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