Monday, May 12, 2014

Their world or ours?

Text of a letter (with minor variations) sent to a number of local newspapers in Kent including:

Herne Bay Gazette, Whitstable Gazette, Isle of Thanet Gazette, East Kent Mercury, Faversham News, Kentish Gazette, Sittingbourne News.

Their world or ours?
In the world today, the resources, technology and skills exist to feed, clothe and house every man, woman and child on Earth. United Nations agencies confirm this.
So, why do people waste their time arguing about nations and borders in the columns of your paper?
Whether they are for or against the EU, all the UK Parties in the current parliament are united on one thing: one way or another all support a system of society (capitalism) which puts profit before people.
Does anyone really believe that the problems of the working people of this or any other country (“the 99%” who do all the work but see little to show for it) will be solved while the wealth of the world is controlled by a small minority?
There is one Party standing in this election which really wants to change things. We propose the establishment by peaceful means of a truly democratic society in which the majority determine how human needs are met.
Working people everywhere already run society from top to bottom, but we run it for the people who own it, rather than for ourselves.
If we owned the world in common, we could provide plenty for everyone. No need for buying and selling, just sharing and free access. Instead of spending our time fighting over scraps, we could work together to make life better for all.
If you agree with such a society, please vote for the Socialist Party/World Socialist Movement list. Don’t waste your vote supporting politicians who promise to solve your problems but never do.

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