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23/05/14: After Prince Charles compared
Putin to Hitler, Russia hit back with a list
of the Royal Family’s Nazi connections.

Charles thinks he knows his onions and,
Thus plays the Royal sage;
With all the wit of George the Third,
The Johnson of this age.
(Not Sam but rather Boris who (1)
He’s trying to upstage.)

It’s easy, therefore, to believe,
His diplomatic gaffe;
Comparing Vlad with Adolf H.,
Which Russia thinks is naff.
And which explains the East-West clash
And Foreign Office faff.

When Charlie’s Aunt wed Princeling Hesse,
A Nazi S.S. swine; (2)
This sour Kraut brought in a taste,
Of Hun-ey to the line! (3)
Which to the aristocracy
Of Britain then was fine.

Duke Ed and Duchess Wallis flew,
To Hitler’s high retreat; (4)
Where they both met der Fuehrer and,
His Aryan elite.
Eight years before the Thousand Year
Reich crumbled in defeat.

Then ‘Arry Boy’ acquired himself, (5)
A Nazi uniform;
Which as per Royal history,
Was nothing out the norm.
But photos in The Sun foretold
The calm before the storm.

So when it comes to Nazi facts,
Charles grasp should be okay;
But listening’s hard, when mighty lugs
Are blocked by one’s toupee,
And one has trouble seeing ‘cause,
One’s head gets in the way!

(1) Samuel Johnson-wit and lexicographer.

(2) 1930, Prince Philip’s sister, Sophie, wed
S.S. Officer Prince Christoph of Hesse.
Their son was named Karl Adolf.

(3) 1917, Britain’s Royal Family changed its name
in WW1 from Saxe-Coborg-Gotha to Windsor.

(4) 1937, to the Berghof. The Duke & Duchess
of Windsor were noted Nazi sympathisers.

(5) 2005, Prince Harry dressed up in
Nazi desert uniform for a party.

© Richard Layton

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