Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Associated Producers Of The World Unite

Following an earlier post 'Shiva and Marx' (here) the following is an introduction to an article laying out the background, the development and use of GMOs, and the resulting use of herbicides and pesticides which poison food, soil and water.
One argument raised against the continued use of these seeds and associated chemicals which SOYMB can totally endorse is the anti-democratic methodology of the megacorporations which use enormous amounts of money on lobbying and public relations. 
The 'associated producers' referred to in the above post are our fellow workers and in their millions around the world are failing to have their collective voice acknowledged as a result of the lack of democracy within the capitalist system.

To study the history of how GMOs were forced upon us is to discover that we have come down the wrong road. Herbicide-resistant weeds have become a major problem, yet, during the first GE decade, corporations routinely denied their existence.

Now Dow Agrosciences is proposing new transgenics resistant to the herbicide 2,4-D which will translate into the application of millions of litres of even more toxic herbicides. The five countries where regulatory approval is being sought are among the world's chief GE soy producers, with a combined total of over 80 million hectares under cultivation.

But sustained resistance is growing in every country as the impacts of GM technologies are denounced and the fallacies that allowed for them to be rolled out are exposed. Our task is to make the failure of this technology universally known, dismantle the corporate power that keeps it afloat, and embark on the road to food sovereignty, striding alongside the small peasant farmers who do the real job of feeding the world.

Do read more: http://www.grain.org/e/4945

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