Tuesday, May 20, 2014

WMDs! - poem

(Whoppers of Mass Deception)

The Middle East Peace Envoy, Tony Blair,
called on the world to fight ‘radical Islam’
—despite his invasion of Iraq continuing to
act as a ‘recruiting-sergeant for militants’.

Lord Goldsmith thought war was ok, (1)
(Although he had doubts yesterday)
So to mask their intent      
Labour had to invent,     
The Tony Blair bent dossier.

MI6 was there to ‘consult’,
Blair couldn’t believe the result;
That bad Saddam meant war
With his pea-shooter corps,
And WMD catapult!

Blair knew that he had Sad the Sod,
And thus had a word with his God;
So that he’d got it made
With his plan to invade,
When God gave his scheme a quick nod.

So ‘we’ bombed Baghdad to expel,              
Bad Saddam to Sodom and Hell;
And to make Iraq free
For ‘our’ “Dee-Mock-Ra-Cy”,     
And free-up ‘our’ oil-wells as well!

(1) Labour’s Attorney-General who first opined that
the invasion was illegal and then changed his mind.

© Richard Layton

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