Saturday, May 31, 2014

CEO Wealth

The Wall Street Journal released its annual compensation survey. The median pay for the CEOs of America's 300 largest publicly traded companies hit $11.4 million in 2013, the Journal reports -- that's up 5.5% from 2012 and roughly 257 times the average worker's pay.

The three highest-paid CEOs -- Oracle's Larry Ellison, CBS' Leslie Moonves and Liberty Global's Michael Fries took home a combined $188 million last year -- or more than the 50 CEOs at the bottom of the list.

And the 30 highest-paid CEOs took home 23% of the total compensation, leaving the other 270 execs to fight over the scraps.

Cheniere Energy, which has already faced criticism for excessive pay packages, this week proposed issuing 30 million shares - currently worth $1.9 billion -- to set aside to pay its executives. If approved, shares dedicated to paying executives would be more than 25% of Cheniere's public shares.

Steve Ballmer, the just retired CEO of technology giant Microsoft, proves that all those years of big stock grants can really come in handy in retirement. Ballmer is offering to pay $2 billion for the Los Angeles Clippers professional basketball team.

Steve Wynn, CEO of casino operator Wynn Resorts, had bought a 1932 painting, called La Reve, by Picasso. Just as he was about to sell the painting to a collector and hedge fund manager Steven Cohen for $139 million in 2006, Wynn accidentally put his elbow through the painting showing it to friends, inserting a six-inch tear. At the time of the accident, the painting would have been the most expensive painting ever. Wynn spent a reported $85 million repairing the painting. But it seems CEOs can’t even lose money after an accident. The painting later sold to Cohen for $155 million.

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