Tuesday, January 08, 2019


Home Secretary, Savid Jawid (the son of an immigrant) declared
a “Major Incident” after 230 immigrants crossed the Channel in
rubber dinghies from France to the South Coast last December.

There's hordes of beastly foreigners,
Invading our South Coast;
To pinch our jobs and nick our dole,
And screw their British host.
They'll beat our women, eat our pets,
If they're all left at large;
We should have heeded the wise words,
Of Huguenot Farage!

But never fear! Jawid is here!
He's come back from his hols;
To deal with the emergency,
Caused by these foreign proles.
All of the Royal Navy now,
Has sailed back from the Med;
And their three pedaloes should help,
Put this assault to bed!  

The bald facts here would seem to be,
That Jawid's talking tough;
To boost his leadership bid with,
A plethora of puff!
As in the contest, Grayling could,
Or maybe IDS;
Both challenge Jawid for May's job,
To lead the Tory mess!

© Richard Layton 

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