Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Reality

Wenyan Yang, chief of the Social Perspective on Development Branch (SPDB) in the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA),  remarked in a recent interview that the benefits of economic growth is not distributed equitably among the broader global population "It is a smaller percentage of people in various countries that have captured the greater share of this economic growth." Yang said. The DESA "has data showing the share of national income commanded by the top one percent earners in many countries has increased. Thus, in many countries the one percent of the population controls somewhere between 5-10 percent of national income," Yang said. "There are many ways to measure inequality" because "inequity is reflected in many aspects," she said, adding that economic distribution is the most common indicator.
"But there are also other indicators of inequality that signify the opportunities that people have in their life," Yang said. " There are ... the entrenched advantages that people who are born into privilege have over the average person."

"It takes money to earn money," she pointed out. “ ...It is just reality. The one percent is gaining much more than the 40 percent at the bottom," she said.

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