Monday, March 31, 2014



(The Home Secretary launches an enquiry into
the Met following revelations of corruption and
undercover activities in the Stephen Lawrence case.)

The average British Bobby with,
Size Thirteen plates of meat;
Steps into something nasty whilst,
He’s out upon his beat,
Which forces him to cover-up--
In cop-speak, “Be discreet”!

He’s not there for the public but,
To serve those in the Force;
And looking back to Dixon’s days (1)
May bring on some remorse,
But looking hard the other way,
Is now par for the course.

Of course the other Forces are
No different to the Met;
It’s just the London boys in blue,
Especially seem set,
(When it’s corruption and deceit,)
Not letting us forget!

Enforcing laws makes one ‘The Law’,
A power in the land;
With the ability to bite,
Back at those in command,
Who normally in Government
Would have the upper hand.

The macho culture of the Met,
Attracts a certain kind;                        
Who when they act unlawfully,              
Are ‘right’ in their own mind;
Especially in the Lawrence case,
When they weren’t colour-blind.

(1) Dixon of Dock Green was a BBC TV series
between 1955 and 1976 that portrayed PC Dixon
as an old-style avuncular London Bobby.

© Richard Layton

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