Saturday, March 22, 2014

Adams Claims He Has Answers

Letter sent to Belfast Telegraph last month:

Trawling the channels for lesser TV fare on Sunday last, I came face-to-face with a podium-mounted Gerry Adams performing at the Sinn Fein Conference.  The fervid agreement of the massed support - expressed in whistles and shouts of approval - left no need for proof beyond claim; Gerry had answers to Ireland's myriad social problems!

Summing up the social miseries  that currently arise from the capitalist mode of production, Mr Adams was reckless with the truth when he ascribed the  present world slump to the failings of his fellow Irish politicians.  But more pertinent was his guarantee that Sinn Fein had a formula for resolving the jobs crisis in which so much working-class poverty is rooted.

In light of all those governments that failed with Maynard Keynes' flawed 'Demand Management' theory and, of course, the claims of messrs Blair and Brown that they had resolved capitalism's Boom-Slump syndrome, voters might feel that some pre-election information is required from Mr Adams or Sinn Fein.

Richard Montague

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