Thursday, March 13, 2014

FLOODGATE Part 3 of 3. - poem

Money No Object!

(P.M. Cameron pledges “Money no object”. (In
reality, a fraction of the amount cut from the flood
budget) to help those affected. Meanwhile Labour
are uncritical having initiated such cuts in 2007)

The Tories see their future vote,
As losses, not election gains;
In Tory heartlands now afloat,
Like the Thames Valley’s soggy lanes.

So suddenly they’re acting bold,
No problem getting hold of cash;
Austerity is put on hold,
To pre-empt an Election crash!

Indifference and incompetence,
Before then was the general rule;
As well as false due diligence,
Of the cost-cutting business school!

Our ‘leaders’ led from way behind,
The donkeys in this flooding war;
Without a clue of any kind,
They didn’t even know the score!

And notice Labour’s silent stance,
There really are no ifs or buts;
That they were first to countenance,
The flood defences budget cuts.
As politicians are all wet,      
Let’s trawl in every fishy clot;
Exceed the quota that’s been set--
Chuck overboard the bleedin’ lot!

© Richard Layton

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