Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Haiti's Pain

 Save the Children is urgently calling on the international community to ramp up its support to Haiti, to meet the growing needs of vulnerable children and families.

More than 4.9 million people—including 2.2 million children—need assistance, many of them suffering from hunger and malnutrition. 

Widespread poverty, a rising cost of living, extreme levels of violence, low agricultural production, expensive food imports and growing political instability have worsened existing food insecurity in the country.

Chantal Imbeault, Save the Children’s Country Director in Haiti, said, "The situation in the country is increasingly precarious, violence has reached extreme levels. It is very difficult to access water and food, with children being the most affected, suffering from hunger and at risk of losing their lives. There is lack of health services for mothers who are blocked behind barricades. We urge the international community to continue the efforts to assist children and families in Haiti."

Haiti: More than 2.2 million children in need as violence surges across the country - Haiti | ReliefWeb

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