Monday, July 02, 2012

Wine or Water?

From Yahoo News:

At first glance it may not seem like a wine bottle but this glass and metal cone contains the world’s most expensive wine. The special edition ‘2004 Block 42’ cabernet sauvignon is the only wine encased in bottle with no cork or screw cap, according to Australian winery Penfolds. It is produced from a single vineyard, from what the winery claims are the oldest continuously producing Cabernet Sauvignon vines in the world.

The red wine, which is limited to just 12 bottles, comes in an Ampoule which is hand-blown by Nick Mount, a famous glass artist from Adelaide, Australia. Any buyer is likely to have a hangover before their first glass, with the 750ml bottle costing a tab-busting £109,000. This means each 150ml glass costs around £21,000 - enough for 5,250 glasses of wine in a pub. When each bottle is sold, Penfolds’ chief winemaker Peter Gago will fly out to the destination and open it in a special ceremony.

“The Ampoule Project is typical of the pioneering philosophy behind Penfolds' winemaking evolution,” Gago said."

Really? Sounds like a lot of old flannel to us, but then here at SOYMB we are far more concerned with the ability access to water, rather than wine, something every human on the planet should have. However, according to the UN, there are 783 MILLION people without access to clean, safe water. What kind of madness enables a system to deny a basic human right and at the same time concentrate so much energy into producing a single drink for the pleasure and benefit of a tiny minority with hundreds of thousands of pounds to spare? We think you know the answer, the question remains what to do about it......JOIN US!


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