Friday, July 06, 2012

Rough on the Diamonds

How low can Socialism Or You Money Back get for a socialist blog when it finds itself applauding this Daily Mail article !

"Another week, another kick in the teeth for Mr and Mrs Average from Downtrodden Avenue, Anytown, UK. 

Another spirit-sapping moment when ordinary people, storm-tossed on the sea of banking greed through no fault of their own, must witness an oily master of the universe such as Bob Diamond grease his way out of another tight spot. The former Barclays CEO faced the MPs of the Treasury Select Committee on Wednesday, a spectacle akin to watching Bigfoot turn up to be pelted with marshmallows by pygmies...Diamond himself was as smooth as buttered silk, showing a kind of ostentatious patience and calculated first-name bonhomie as he was repeatedly asked the same question over and over again by a platoon of third-rate dopes who didn’t have a hope of nailing him. A pointless exercise...Diamond is doing his best to appear contrite, but he is just one more fake penitent in the public dock today. In private, it will be a very different story. Behind closed doors, I suspect, he will have feelings of entitlement and rage over his forced resignation which are awful to behold..."

The Daily Mail was not yet done and went after Bob Diamond's "spoiled brat" of a daughter.

"...for an insight into how Diamond really feels, look no further than his daughter Nell, the 23-year-old Wall Street banker who jumped to the defence of her darling daddy earlier this week. The outraged Nell took to Twitter to tell George Osborne and Ed Miliband — no less! — to "go ahead and #HMD".  Apparently this is a U.S. text slang for "hold my dick". Which basically means get lost, you grubby nonentities. Mr Diamond must have been thrilled that all that money spent on his daughter’s private education at a top London school, then later at Princeton University, did not go to waste...all pampered little Nell seems to care about is her father’s reputation. Everyone else can go to hell, seems to be her message — one that is sadly echoed across the upper echelons of the banking sector..."

That was not suffice for the Daily Mail which then went on to declare:

 " For Nell has enjoyed a life of incredible luxury and privilege because of her father’s £20 million-a-year job; a job at the top of a system, we understand, which has been funded and financially enriched by the exploitation and fiscal oppression of millions of honest folk. In contrast, Nell attends the fashion shows in Paris and London, enjoys the luxury of a private box at Jay-Z concerts, attends charity balls in ravishing gowns, hangs out with the stars, goes on fabulous holidays and is always dressed in the latest and most expensive fashions. She has the clear-skinned, pampered sheen of the little rich girl who has never had to want for anything and who could never understand that no one would be much interested in her if daddy wasn’t rich and in charge of a lovely bank. Unlike millions of youngsters in the UK today, Nell Diamond has never had to want for anything, nor worry about her future. That’s what makes her reactions to this week’s events so distasteful. She is the banking world’s answer to Veruca Salt, the tantrum-prone, spoiled brat invented by children’s author Roald Dahl. 

She may be admirably sticking up for her father, but her attitude sums up what is rotten at the heart of the banking crisis in this country. The guilty parties still don’t think they have done anything wrong. They get annoyed when anyone suggests that they have. What Nell seems to be saying is this: how dare the Government interfere with the perfectly ordered Diamond family life, or violate their gilded existence. The cheek of it all. 

 Her arrogant disregard for every single person in this country shows that Nell Diamond feels that her lifestyle and her father’s continued career is more important than the losses suffered by the people in this country. In private, he probably concurs. The awful thing is, there are many more in the banking industry who feel the same way."

Dearie dearie me, SOYMB has become the much despised Daily Mail reader!

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