Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympic Protest!

At last more enlightened sections of the UK, especially those directly next to the Olympics, are waking up to the invasive profit making motives behind much of the 'games. as this report from Huffington Post reflects:

"Hundreds of people have marched through Tower Hamlets in a demonstration protesting against the 'corporate Olympic games'
As Team GB competed in the first sporting events, up to 500 people were estimated to have marched through East London. Demonstrators were not critical of the Olympics themselves, but of the way they felt the games had been hijacked by big business. Some protesters were also angry over the missiles being put on London buildings, calling it "Orwellian security apparatus."
The event was captioned "No Limos, No Logos, No Launchers" in a pithy nod to what demonstrators were protesting against.
It was was organised by the counter-olympics network, which includes groups like Occupy London. Julian Cheyne of the Counter-Olympic Network told NBC news:
“A significant number of people in this country, about 20 percent, according to a poll, are not happy with the Olympics because of the involvement of large corporations about which are significant concerns.
"We are representing their views and making sure that opinion is expressed."
Despite the number of protesters, the march was peaceful, and "passed without incident" according to the Met Police. This was in marked contrast to a cycling event organised by Critical mass on Friday evening, which ended in more than 100 arrests. "

It's not that big a surprise to SOYMB that the games have been hi-jacked, like everything else in our society, by the big corporations in the endless quest for profit. Hopefully more and more people will join the protests and draw the inevitable conclusions that business, corporations and the whole capitalist system is not interested in the socials consequences of anything it does, only the profit does it care about.The olympics are no different.


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