Tuesday, July 17, 2012

India's paradox of plenty

Never mind that a fifth of India's population remains undernourished and some 3,000 children die each day from hunger-related causes. By all appearances, India, or at least the Indian government, has too much food. India lifted a four-year ban on wheat exports and cleared the way for the state-owned Food Corporation of India to send 2 million tons overseas.

“This is unpardonable. I see no reason why it is happening,”
said farm policy analyst Devinder Sharma. “It is because there is no political will to feed the hungry that people are dying, not because there is no food. I see no justification for a hungry nation to be exporting food grains,” said Sharma. “How can you be so criminal in your thought process?”

India has a so-called “paradox of plenty.”

 We have enough for all – we need to open and expand our thinking on what can be done, and how to build a future where everyone on the planet always has enough to eat.

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