Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cycle, But Not Near The Games.......

From Reuters:

More than 130 cyclists were arrested when they ignored warnings not to ride near the Olympic Park in east London as the opening ceremony was taking place, police said on Saturday. They were part of a group called "Critical Mass" who hold a monthly cycle ride in central London that police believe had been joined by other riders planning to stage a protest.

"The procession usually attracts approximately 100 cyclists, but on this occasion around 400 to 500 people gathered near Waterloo (station)," Scotland Yard said in a statement. "Officers believe this may have included other individuals or groups not normally part of the monthly procession."

Critical mass groups stage monthly events - usually on the last Friday of the month - in over 300 cities around the world with the loose aim of "reclaiming the streets."


So a prime example of where power lies as the state machine swings into action and ensures the 'right to free speech and demonstration' is denied, again, to the masses. These Games are a living, breathing, demonstration of the nature of capitalism and the politics that spew from it as the quest and need for profits override everything else, including the charade of freedom and democracy.


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