Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Taking the Piss

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The use of water based sewer system contaminates the entire water supply with pollutants and nutrients that if captured and recycled, could provide sufficient agricultural nutrients to ensure a sustainable food supply.

No Mix toilets collect urine and feces in separate places, the toilet bowl has two drains, one, in the front for the urine and one in the back for the feces. The feces are dry composted and the urine is processed for agricultural purposes. Separating toilets protect the water supply and provide a renewable, safe, low cost source of nitrogen, enough to greatly reduce our dependence on natural gas and oil. The important key is to separate the valuable, nitrogen rich urine, human urine, at the source, before it is mixed with feces and before it is flushed into the water supply.

The potential of capturing human urine is stunning. Human urine is 18% organic nitrogen and has been used in agriculture for thousands of years. Sweden, Germany, Holland and many other countries have been using and processing human urine for agricultural purposes and to protect the environment from water based sewer systems. Human urine is the only renewable, sustainable, and economically feasible source of nitrogen available to humanity and it is free.

What is the economic value of human urine? The value of comparative petroleum derived fertilizer with the same 18% nitrogen content is approximately $10.00 a gallon and requires a massive polluting industry that is not renewable. The average person produces 2 liters of urine a day or roughly $5.00 worth of organic nitrogen. A city like Miami flushes down the drain 10 to 20 million dollars worth of nitrogen a day . The cities will become fertilizer factories and urban and suburban farming and food production could provide a sustainable, local food supply.


aberfoyle said...

Urine, the cleanest form of liquid,cleaned by a organ to filter impurities of what mankind in their biogical being produce.Sad that there is not a system that filters the dross out of what our phyisical being producess.

Mondialiste said...

Thomas More speculated that chamber pots and Lenin that public urinals would be made of gold once money was abolished. Might work because of gold's anti-corrosive properties.