Tuesday, January 31, 2017


With Parliament shortly about to vote on renewing Trident
at a cost of £Billions, the Government refuses to confirm
whether a test missile in 2016 went drastically off course.

We must defend this sceptred isle,
From Forth to German Bight,
But not if Trident goes off course,
And hits the Isle of Wight; (1)
A missile on the Cowes Yacht Club,
Would more than cause a fright!

For we’ve got plenty to defend,
Our infrastructure’s grand,
With rutted roads and traffic jams,
Throughout this pleasant land;
It’s as if our society,
Was built on shifting sand.

Admittedly, our railways are,
In somewhat of a state,
Think, ‘the wrong snow, ‘leaves on the line’,
And ‘trains are running late’;
And annual rising fares that seem,
To be the travellers fate.

There’s litter everywhere you look,
An air of general slease,
In hospitals and parking bays,
Excessive parking fees;
The whole of our society’s
In a state of unease.

There’s sink estates both north and south,
Where hooligans run free,
In souped-up cars each Friday night,
In anti-social glee;
A product of the system and
Their warped psychology.

Yes folks, that’s our society,
Defend it if you must,
Perhaps a missile will, someday,
Blow all of it to dust;
And there’ll be some, to be quite blunt,
Who wouldn’t be that fussed!

(1) A Trident missile fired by the Navy flew off course.

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