Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Despite overwhelming evidence from all quarters, Mrs
May still continues to deny that the NHS is in crisis.

Beds stacked up in the corridors,
And ambulances stalled
Outside the hospital front door;
With decent folk appalled. (1)

A twelve hour wait for treatment as,
It’s all ground to a halt;
The government is innocent,
It’s other peoples fault.

“The Doctors dilly-dally and,
The Sisters slack all day;
The Physios just faff about”,
Dissembles Mrs May.

If only they worked half as hard,
As her pietistic squad; 
Like her, all Christians through and through, (2)
And working hard for God.

There’s ‘Berkeley’ Hunt upon his bike,
(We can but only pray)
And ‘Failing’ Grayling spouting his,
Warped take on life each day.

Where did they dredge these cretins up,
These liars through and through;
Who all adopt a party line,
They know is quite untrue? (3)

(1) Because of the funding crisis, the NHS has had to
cancel Cancer ops and withdraw the cancer drug Kadcyla.

(2) May is a member of the C. of E. and regularly worships
on Sunday. The daughter of an Anglican priest, she says
her Christian faith, "is part of me. It is part of who I am”.

(3) In July 2016, a cross-party committee of MP’s stated
that Hunt had ‘broken his pledges on NHS funding and is
misleading the public about health service reforms’.

© Richard Layton

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