Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Since Theresa May became Tory leader,
we’ve heard much piffle claiming that
they are the “party of the working class”.

“A country that works well for all”,
You’re kidding, Mrs May!
As your ‘investment’ in Food Banks,
Increases every day!
If it works well for everyone,
We all should count our share;
As likely, just like BoJo’s brain,
There isn’t too much there!
She like most Tory Totty’s wed,
Investment Banker, (Phil)
That way, those from the ‘middle class’,
Get their hands on the till!
It’s wealth that turns such Tottys on
Unlike more common love,
So they in turn can take their place,
With the elite above.

And so they painlessly become,
Part of the status quo;
Those useless social parasites,
Enriched by us below.
The leather trousers say it all,
That Primark ain’t her brand;
To cover her plush tush has cost,
Five quid short of a Grand! (1)
A fashionista through and through,
Not just the leather trews;
There are those slender feet that wore,
The leopard-print ‘cheap’ shoes! (2)
A woman of much substance, then,
Hence the, “Red, White and Blue”; (3)
In answer to the Brexit type,
To calm her motley crew!

(1) Sacked cabinet member Nicky Morgan criticised Mrs
May’s leather trousers costing £995. Mrs Morgan later
appeared with a Mulberry handbag of similar cost.

(2) Worn by her at the 2002 Conservative Party
Conference when she called them,“The Nasty Party”.

(3) Mrs May’s reply to the type of Brexit she favours.

© Richard Layton

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