Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Let's talk (1): What we need

 Do you think the present world system is as good as human wisdom can devise ?
 I don't think it is. I think we can do much better. I think we can establish a system that works in our best interest. A system that has for its blueprint that the means of production and distribution become the ownership of all the human race.

 If we organise to the best of our ability we will have the maximum amount of time to enjoy life. A life that's as good as we can make it. No poverty, no war, very little or no crime, no pollution, and so on.

 Whether you admit to being a selfish person or an unselfish person, if a system of society is in the best interest of the human race, then it is in your best interest.

 If we can work out away to share in the abundance that nature and our labours can provide for us, seven to twelve billion people will enjoy beautiful, sustainable, high standards of living.

 We need to establish a system that works in the best interest of the human race. To end poverty, war and crime. To give everyone a very good standard of living. To give everyone free and equal access to useful things and services. To give everyone maximum leisure time to enjoy life.

 The present world system doesn't work in the best interest of the human race. And never will. If we stick with it there could be another World War. The capitalist system is the underlining cause of almost all of the problems big and small the human race face. There are seven billion of us humans; and we can all enjoy a high standard of living equally and freely if we organise things like (health and work and play and love and the production and distribution of wealth) to the best of our ability.

 One percent of the seven billion people on Earth own the planet's wealth. The business of mankind (everybody's business) should be to organise a world system that works in everybody's interest. The 99 percent, who don't own the means of production and distribution and yet are the ones who do all the work, need to get their shit together. Work together; organise together; to peacefully dismantle and abolish capitalism, the money system, the profit before need system, and establish a system whereby the means to a good life are owned by all and freely available to all.

 The one percent couldn't give a rat's arse about changing the system, cos they're all right Jack. Their lackeys, their puppets, their sycophantic admirers, i.e. the world's governments, won't change the status quo because then the one percent, who they love and want to be apart of; will lose their power and control. And so it is up to the 99 percent to help each other to understand; they hold all the aces.

 The change from the capitalist system to a world without money will happen if enough people are determined and smart enough to make it happen. It won't be easy. Mankind might not do it. The only way to fail is not to try.

 We need a system that will work in the best interest of the human race. All other political parties champion capitalism, believing it the best system the human race can come up with. They believe in reforming capitalism. They think there can be a good capitalism. An honest capitalism. A fair capitalism. An environmentally-friendly capitalism. But they're wrong. Everyone to a small or large degree pays every day the price for the politicians being wrong. We need to oppose them all using weapons such as imagination, humour, intelligence, compassion and sound arguments.

 It won't happen by accident. We have to make the chance for the world to be as good as we can make. Make the chance and take the chance.

 If we do; life for us will get a whole lot better. Then, between seven and twelve billion people will live freely and equally in a world that's as good as it can be.


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