Sunday, January 01, 2017

2017 Belongs to the People

New Year is time for looking back at past disappointment and for promising ourselves not to repeat the same mistakes in the future. Whatever hope 2017 may bring, it will not lie in a capitalist political party keeping its promises, unless it is promising us further exploitation, repression and conflict.

 However, our New Year resolution is one promise which will be kept. The Socialist Party despite the trying times, fully aware of the great difficulties ahead and of the great distance to be travelled, faces the future determined to prosecute the essential educational and organising work in the class war for socialism with the utmost vigour in spite of all the difficulties. Let us “ring in the new” with rejuvenated and revitalized activity. Be well and may the New Year bring fresh energy in the efforts to rid ourselves of this insane, discredited system. There are plenty of reasons for members of the Socialist Party to be cheerful as we enter the New Year fighting for working class interests and talking about its future. But our New Year optimism needs to accept a bleak gloomy realism.

It may be a new year but nothing new about the poverty, nothing new about preventable illnesses, nothing new about capitalism and how it degrades people and nothing new about the politicians trying to hide their impotence in smoke-screens of deceit and distortion. This Hogmanay we wish each other a happy new year despite the cruel truth that misery and suffering of the old year will most likely prevail once again.  So, a New Year to everybody in a world where profit trumps people every time until we change things.

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