Saturday, January 14, 2017

Let's Talk (3): Work

 Nature has not provided ready-made all the things necessary for the life and happiness of mankind. In order to obtain those things we have to work. Apart from those with a (strange-affliction) people don't mind working. A work-free world is neither desirable or possible. A world where people work for the common good is possible. A world where all the people own the machinery and the land and the means of production and distribution in all there forms is possible. A system of society that works in the best interest of the workers is possible. The workers of the world must unite.

 Most people, if they ever really thought about it, would prefer their pay to take the form of “free access to useful things” instead of a “wage”. Free access to the best medical know-how. Free access to the best of all things available that the workers labour produce.

 I don't know how we organise the way we work to best benefit everyone. I do know that capitalism makes it impossible for mankind to work to the best of their ability.

 The advocates of capitalism would have the workers of the world believe a system of competition in the production and distribution of commodities is best for Earth and all her people. Because the advocates of capitalism own the media they have been able to persuade, con, trick, fool, many of the workers into believing the reason for their low wages or poor working conditions or poor living conditions or being at risk of becoming an unemployed worker is the fault of other workers. Capitalism pits worker against worker. Keeping them divided and distracted, stressed and scared.

 A system of cooperation in the production and distribution of useful things by and for the workers is what is best for Earth and all her people. If this comes to be people will no longer produce sub-standard goods. There would be no point. Workers will be working for each other only producing the best they can. If it comes to pass workers will stop suffering from “ time poverty”. The reason why so many people today are over-working is because the way the production and distribution of commodities is being organised is crap.

 For the people of the future all necessary work will be seen as equally important. Without the truck driver to take the equipment to the hospitals the doctors couldn't save the patients life. The truck drivers and the doctors and all the workers are equally important. Some people are good at and enjoy intricate work. Others like ordinary plain work. Some people have a natural leaning towards or talent for one thing and other people have a natural leaning towards or talent for something else.

 If a world without money comes to exist people will no longer do jobs they are not fit to do. They will no longer do work they hate. The 99 percent, the non-owning class, the workers of the world, want maximum leisure time for everyone to enjoy life. And for life to be for all of the highest standard.

 The advocates of capitalism tell the workers, “what is in their best interest is the same thing as what is in the best interest of the one percent”. But it's not. The advocates of capitalism sell the workers the idea that, “we are all in it together”. But we're not.

 The 99 percent of people are what I think of as workers. Anyone who enjoys all the benefits of civilization; the best goods; a first class life, without working, belongs to the owning class, or one percent. Any one who doesn't have access to all the benefits of civilization belongs to the non-owning class. There are a number of classifications within the none owning class. Not all the non-owning class work. Some are unemployed workers. Many are worker dependants. I think the 99 percent are better of keeping things simple. Instead of dividing the non-owning class into a number of sub-divisions the 99 percent should see themselves as all belonging to the “worker” class. All workers of the world.

 One of the favourite words of politicians when addressing the public is the word, complicated. They purposefully make the affairs of humankind seem complicated, because that makes it easier to bamboozle the public into thinking that common sense is not enough to govern the production and distribution of wealth.

 If a world without money is implemented work will be for the benefit of all not just a few. No longer working for an employer; someone who makes a profit from my labour; who gives me a wage. The employer gets the profit, I get the wage.

 Work should be bringing me joy. Work should be divorced from capitalism. I should be working for a world that works for all. A job badly done by the human race sees the 99 percent suffer the misery of a job badly done in the form of poverty, war and crime. A job well done by the human race is one that sees everyone with the means to a good life.


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