Tuesday, June 21, 2016



Politicians in both the remain and leave Europe camps are making ludicrous
claims. In reality, the result will only marginally affect the majority of people.

Come men and women, voters all,
And heed the E.U. call;
The Referendum needs your vote,
To wholly change ‘naff all’!
Gove, Johnson, Grayling, IDS,
Claim in their Brexit drive;  
That Britain left the ‘Good Old Days’,
In One-Nine-Seven-Five. (1)

There was no unemployment then,
With poverty unknown;
Our politicians told no lies,
When we were on our own!
We had the Empire and the Queen,
Our footballers were ace;
And all those beastly foreigners,
Why!-they all knew their place!

Our trains were clean, our Motorways,
Weren’t filled with foreign cars;
We didn’t waste our cash to send,
Tim Peake to bleedin’ Mars.
But there, again, both Dave and George,
Have begged us to remain,
Austerity will end sometime,
So we’ve so much to gain!

The politicians on both sides,
Are prone to sermonize;
The public voting either way,
Are hearing porky pies!
So on the 23rd of June,
They’ll have the E.U. Poll,
But in the future, millions,
Will still be on the dole! (2)

(1) The Referendum to join the European Community took place 5th June 1975.

(2) In the mid-1970s, post-war unemployment exceeded one million for
the first time and has not dropped below since. The present rate of 5.1%
is projected to increase to 6.30% (1.69 million) by 2020. (Arima model)

© Richard Layton

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Anonymous said...

Sounds quite good sung to the tune of "Riding Down From Bangor". Perhaps someone will record it for YouTube?