Tuesday, June 07, 2016

NUCLEAR CON-FUSION! (weekly poem)


Whilst visiting Hiroshima and calling for a nuclear weapon free world,
President Obama simultaneously presented a trillion dollar budget to
Congress to modernise and replace America’s nuclear W.M.D. arsenal.

Obama’s wish-fulfilment list,            
Is based on false belief,
Although it may cause some to dab,
With a moist handkerchief;
Especially at Hiroshima,
The scene of so much grief.

Those who imagine weapons can,
Be merely cast aside,
Should recognise reality,
And not be so wide-eyed;
Nor give an ear to CND,
As this would be denied.

When competition rules the Earth;
There isn’t much fair play,
Thus in the market system’s world,
War is the final way,
That might can exercise its right, 
To have the final say.

War’s competition at its worst,
And business at its best,
Not ‘human nature,’ as war is,
A thing most folk detest.
But war’s the way to profit most,
And bugger all the rest.

Arms can’t be ‘un-invented’ so,
To those who find that strange,
For war to be superfluous,  
Society must change.
Get shot of profit, the elite,
And monetary exchange.

Without this change the human race,
Will still be in the dark,
Without this change the future for,
All humankind is stark.
But there are those who’s task it is,
To keep alive the spark!

© Richard Layton

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