Friday, June 03, 2016

Folkestone Discussion Group

The first meeting of this group will be on:
 Sunday, 5 June at 2pm 
The Guildhall Pub, 
42 The Bayle, 
Folkestone CT20 1SQ
(About 15 minutes walk from Folkestone rail station)

Capitalism is in a global crisis. The international market is in a condition of chaos which is beyond the control of governments or economists. As well as the increasing poverty, the system faces widespread environmental destruction, numerous nationalist wars, the growth of migration and the consequent rise in racist views. Politicians and media moguls exploit our fears to make themselves more powerful. 
If this is not a system in need of total abolition, then what else is there to do with it? Reforming capitalism is a waste of time. 
The Socialist Party exists to win a majority of workers for socialism. We are neither a vanguard nor a would-be government. We assert that the future belongs to the working class majority and that only world socialism offers the hope of democracy, security, comfort and dignity for all. We are without nationalism, religion or racism. We are socialists. We are in the process of becoming truly human. That is the appeal of socialism.

The capitalist class knows where its interest lies. Do you? We hope you will join us for an evening of discussion and debate. And, potentially, get some answers to the questions we all face right now.

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