Thursday, June 16, 2016

Britain First or Humanity First?

It is always a sad day when political terrorism expresses itself and we should all shed a tear or two for Jo Cox who became the latest victim of nationalist hatred.

But regardless if her murderer was a deranged individual or not, the motive behind the killing is not a new one and many politicians have made a career out of spreading the poison of racism. It is not surprising that some people take their rhetoric seriously and act upon it.

 There is growing fear, anger, despair among people about the future of our planet. Some of it is undoubtedly misplaced and expressed in violent and destructive ways as religious fundamentalism or in a nationalistic xenophobia hatred towards ”outsiders”. There is no such thing as revolutionary nationalism. All nationalism is reactionary. Nationalism has been used by ruling classes to delude people and national struggles have not really changed the misery suffered by the mass of the people. Nationalism is a weapon in the hands of the ruling class in order to mislead the people. It leads to tragic consequences as the murder of Jo Cox shows. 

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