Monday, June 27, 2016


Capt. William Boreham will be stripped of his Military Cross medal, the third highest award for battlefield bravery, after an internal investigation found commanders had apparently exaggerated his actions. He was awarded the prestigious gallantry award for rescuing a badly wounded comrade, while "fighting off a deadly insurgent attack", and coming under heavy fire from Taliban fighters. But after concerns from other soldiers who had been on the September 2012 patrol in Afghanistan’s Helmand province, an investigation has found there was little or no enemy fire at the time.

Major Robert Armstrong, of the Royal Artillery, had a Military Cross withdrawn two years ago when an investigation found he had helped to write his own citation and took credit for the bravery of others during a Taliban attack. Two junior non-commissioned officers who received Mentioned in Dispatches (MID) in the same action in which Maj. Armstrong won his MC have told military investigators that they do not recognise his version of the event. The NCOs, both corporals, were surprised to learn that they had received "MIDs" given that the incident did not take place under enemy fire.

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