Thursday, June 02, 2016

Canterbury Street Stall

  • Saturday, June 11

    12:00 PM
  • The Parade

    Is it a fact that people can better imagine world collapse and the extinction of humanity than consider a change of economic system? Come discuss the socialist alternative with members of the Socialist Party who will advocate there is a future for people if they choose a new society.  


Anonymous said...

Of course it is easier to imagine. The means exist. They are sitting in silos, bomb bays, on trucks and in submarines. If you can't get the working class to acquiesce in their own physical survival you will not get them interested in the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism, or as you rather feebly put it ' a change of economic system'. They don't want to know.

ajohnstone said...

*Stall in Canterbury today - 11 June *

Stall went better today than the last two at Canterbury. There was far less
competition from other groups – just the EU ‘outers’ today.

Sold three pamphlets, one SOYMB, three Standards and gave out some back
issues. Lots of the EU leaflets handed out.

Had a lot of useful discussions; most people who approached us asked about
our EU position and quite a few people stopped to read the EU text on the
display. Most of the people we spoke to were very receptive of our ideas.

One person came up to ask the price of a Standard subscription, and two (one
young, one middle aged) wanted to know what we were or what socialism was,
and took leaflets.

One visitor bought 3 items (we got her contact details), an anarchist from
Dover, who said she (and her friend with her) had hoped to get to our
Folkestone meeting, but couldn’t make it. She mentioned that she and her
associates look out for what the SPGB says on issues and usually are in
agreement. She also mentioned the Ian Bone/SPGB debate. She bought the SOYMB
– having earlier seen a copy on sale second-hand (at Burgate Books) for lot
more than we were charging.

Weather was good, fairly warm and only a light breeze so we left the display
free-standing. We started to pack up just after 5pm, and then the sky went
dark and it started to rain......