Saturday, April 03, 2010

UK and US inequality and doing Gods work

The Financial Times reports that Richard Lambert, director-general of the Confederation of British Industry, drew attention this week to a very inconvenient truth: that the chief executives of the UK’s 100 largest companies will, according to Income Data Services, have earned 81 times the average pay of full-time workers in 2009. ( This is up from 47 times the average wage in 2000.)

In the US,the Institute for Policy Studies estimates that in 2008 top executives earned 319 times more than average US workers.

In both countries income inequality and corporate profits as a percentage of gross domestic product have recently touched their highest levels since 1929 .

Kraft Foodschief executive Irene Rosenfeld was awarded a 41 per cent pay increase to $26.3m

But don't worry , it's a just return according to Goldman Sach boss
"We’re very important...We have a social purpose." Just a banker "doing God’s work"

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