Monday, April 26, 2010

Things to come ?

Lord Digby Jones, a trade minister in 2007-08 and a former director-general of the Confederation of British Industry, commented after being introduced to two men in Swindon for a television programme about the young unemployed. "I’d...say ‘Get off your backsides and work’ and we should cut all your benefits and starve you into going back to work.”

He said that while looking for a job, claimants should carry out community work — such as cleaning lavatories. He believed anyone who refused three offers of jobs should lose the dole and be put in hostels and given “subsistence rations” of food and water.

Compassionate capitalism ?


pete21 said...

I think the clue here is, Ex-minister.

Seems his views didn't go down to well with No 10.

aberfoyle said...

And sadly they are coming for you in Britain, the Labour government is dog tucker.Their biggest hurdle and their enemy, is the time of tenure.Where i am the vangaurdist are back in charge and have been for the past 18 months,and have been taking it slow.

Now in this new term of parliament and 18 months from the next election they are reviewing the welfare rules.And like your article simillar in part,yet carefully selected leaked parts of the legislation, by who knows who,dont have to be a rocket scientist to fathom,has garnered support from the capitalist thinking public.Some full on serious oppressive welfare laws,that will be impliamented this October,once their appointed overly paid lackies finish their review.