Tuesday, December 20, 2016

“MY HUSBAND AND I” (weekly poem)


Every year workers are glued to their television sets at
3 p.m. on Christmas Day to hear Her Majesty, The
Queen, broadcast her annual message to her subjects!

Now Christmas has come round again,,
Oh gawd I hear you say;
As you slump through the Queen’s Speech on,
The TV, Christmas Day.

“My husband and I pray you all,
Will prosper this New Year;
And hope despite austerity,
That you’ll be of  good cheer”.

“The NHS will be run down,
As will be Social Care;
With Southern Trains still driverless,
And Grayling going spare”! (1)

“The roads, like Tory policy,
Will still be full of holes;
Although one doesn’t feel the bumps,
When one rides in one’s Rolls”!

“The Empire, will start striking back,
Once we’ve left the E.U.;
For the years we exploited them,
Until we said ‘adieu’”.

“So fare-thee-well, my subjects all,
Until this time next year;
When this recorded spiel will have,
You crying in your beer”!

(1) Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling, has hinted that
legislation might be enacted to ban strikes on the
railways. Unlike other railway companies, Southern’s
income is paid directly to the Government.

A plan by Boris Johnson, the previous Mayor of London,
for Transport For London to take over suburban rail
services has been objected to by Grayling as it could
give more power to Labour Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

© Richard Layton

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