Tuesday, December 13, 2016

NUTTERS ALL! (weekly poem)


Paul Nuttall is UKIP’s third leader this year. He’s Catholic,
anti abortion and veil wearing, is pro the death penalty
for child killers and is a fervent climate change denier.

The aptly named Paul Nuttall has,
Been voted UKIP’s boss,
He’s crawled his way right to the top,
Amongst the UKIP dross.
(Until the next contender makes,
The sign of a right-cross!) (1)

Bring hanging back says Mr N.,
For murderers of kids,
The next we’ll know they’ll bring it back,
For Muslims, Gays and Yids;
Whilst hoping certain Banks will still, (2)
Keep paying-in the quids.

Next flogging for veil wearers and,
Then further down the line,
He’ll privatise the NHS, (3)
For which the masses pine.
To those with few grey cells, such things,
Are altogether fine.

He’ll be, no doubt, boss for the month,
Until Farage slinks back, (4)
A punch or two amongst the crew,
An inadvertent thwack,
And then one more twerp will emerge,
To try and plug the crack.

And all the while whilst climate change,
Produces more hot air,
The UKIP mob for whom thought is,
A pastime that is rare;
Will, with Paul Nuttall, generate,
Lots of hot air to spare!

(1) To the next punch-up.

(2) Millionaire Arron Banks may withdraw his funding.

(3) Nuttall withdrew NHS privatisation from his blog.

(4) Ladbrokes offer 3/1 on Farage being the next leader.

© Richard Layton

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