Wednesday, December 14, 2016

India's poverty

India’s GDP growth of last decade’s was 5.8%. The number does not represent the true picture of the country, not only India`s but any country. The real measure is GDP per capita. Which measures how a single person achieves the share of income among its citizens. When it comes to India the GDP is $2.182 trillion, but per capita income is only $1581 which is not much higher than Bangladesh`s $1086 and Pakistan’s $1316 per capita, but less among many African countries, like Nigeria $3203, South Africa $6,482, Zambia $1721, Sudan $1875, Namibia $5408, Ghana $1441, Djibouti $1813, Botswana $7123 and many more to mention here.

 In fact, India is like “ticking time-bomb” by 2026 the world population will be 1.5 billion largest in the world and the economy is not growing enough to meet the demands to create 20 million jobs per year.

Many poor people are not those who don’t have a job, in fact, some poor are with jobs but their wages are low compared to International standards and it becomes difficult for them to increase their living standards.

If you seek to end India's and global poverty contact:
The World Socialist Party (India): 257 Baghajatin ‘E’ Block (East), Kolkata – 700086,
Tel: 2425-0208,

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