Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Slow down on the British population rise

The UK’s population growth rate is slower than in projections made in 2016, with the expected population set to be 400,000 less in mid-2028 and 900,000 less in mid-2043 than previously predicted.

The annual population growth rate is predicted to drop from 0.6 per cent in mid-2019 to 0.27 per cent by mid-2043.

This slowdown is based on the expectation that women will have fewer children, based off recent falls in fertility rates, and a slower rate of life expectancy increases.

The UK is also expected to see a growing number of older people, with the proportion of people aged 85 or over predicted to almost double over the next 25 years. 
“The population is increasingly ageing and this trend will continue,” the ONS said. “However, because of the expected rise in the state pension age to 67 years, it is projected that slightly fewer than one in five people will be of pensionable age in 2028, a similar proportion to today.”
Net international migration is expected to account for 73 per cent of the UK’s population growth, with the ONS predicting 5.4 million people will immigrate long-term to the UK between 2018 and 2028, while 3.3 million people will emigrate long-term from the UK.

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