Tuesday, June 19, 2018

"zero tolerance" - No Comment

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Tim Hart said...

It is extremely upsetting to listen to the sounds of these poor children who are the victims of the latest turn in the ugly war against immigrants. But this callous treatment of migrants is not limited to the United States. The governments throughout Europe, with one or two exceptions, have whipped up anti-immigrant sentiment and other Fascistic forms of nationalism as a cynical ploy to win power and deflect the domestic populations from the real cause of their predicament. We have our own walls and concentration camps here in Europe as well. And we have callously let thousands of migrants drown in the Mediterranean whilst they have been trying to reach sanctuary, so as to act as deterrence to others that might consider taking the risk of a sea crossing. We have also had our own emotional media events of dead migrant children washed up on holiday beaches. But the prominence, in the US and here in Europe, given by the media to this kind of emotional heart tugging risks being channeled to intensify the anti-Trump sentiment, thus obscuring the real problem. The problem is not Trump. Clinton would likely have been worse. Sanders would have presented a more benign face, as Obama did, but in the end they are all children of the system, as are their European counterparts. There is an inevitability that these kinds of amoral mendacious, megalomaniacs always float to the top. It is a systemic problem that is destroying humanity and the planet generally. That system is capitalism.