Friday, June 15, 2018

UK's criminal associations

Britain’s contribution to fighting Russian organised crime is “less than negative”, one of Europe’s leading prosecutors has said. 
Jose Grinda, hailed as the man who "brought down the Russian mafia in Spain”, condemned the UK’s lack of cooperation in a fight which has gone increasingly global.  The Spanish prosecutor told The American Interest magazine. “...we have a very serious problem in fighting organised crime with the UK. We have very serious problems in getting them to cooperate—with the exception of drug trafficking cases. It’s zilch, it’s less than negative. It just doesn’t exist.” 
He said Britain was suffering “economic contamination”, that UK politicians “had been linked to oligarchs” and that the country was riddled with “oligarchs that have taken dirty money, taken money from a criminal organisation”. 
The prosecutor claimed authorities in the UK had failed to arrest a Russian-Israeli businessman, Michael Cherney, when he visited in 2009, despite an Interpol arrest warrant issued against him. The Spanish believe Mr Cherney to be the leader of the “Izmailovskaya”, one of Russia’s most high-profile mafia groups.

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